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the cartoonist

May 2012

These cartoons give me a lot of pleasure. I enjoy making them, and I actually enjoy the finished cartoons as much as anybody. I especially enjoy sharing the cartoons with others, so it's nice to have you here.

Me, I am a pilgrim, trying to walk humbly with my God and politely with the other pilgrims. I believe in salt, light, shadow, eternity, laughter, earth, love, justice, alternative views and good manners.

my life

I am an Australian bloke, living with a beautiful woman and two gorgeous little boys, with another child on the way. I split my time between working and caring for the kids; I am constantly exhausted but, mostly, pretty happy.

When I'm not cartooning, I'm doing marketing make-overs for medium sized businesses, helping them shift their market presence from ordinary to remarkable.

my cartoons

I've been drawing cartoons since the mid 1980s. A lot of that work has been for Christian groups, but I also contribute to many books that deal with life issues and self-improvement.

Many of the cartoons on this site were originally created for the NCLSR publications, and many more were originally drafted for them, but ended up in other publications.

I am available for cartooning projects, just contact me to discuss.

this site

I originally created this site around the turn of the millenium. It was a long time before the first major upgrade, but I hope to be more diligent now. I aim to make this site richer, funner and easier to use, as time progresses.


There are many people who I am thankful for (or to). Friends, family and role models are a significant part of this list. The people I have worked for, and those who have opened doors for me, people who have encouraged and guided me; they are also on this list.

And, right now, I'm thankful for your interest. It is deeply encouraging to know that these cartoons add value to other people's lives, and their work. So thanks for your time, and I hope you enjoy browsing through this collection.


I do exist, I often look at email and I'd be thrilled to hear from you. You can email me: