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faith - Depending on something we can't prove. Our faith is our own, it is intrinsic, innate, indescribable and immeasurably important to our sense of who we are. I make a distinction between faith and belief, what we believe can often be enunciated whereas faith seems to me to be about why we believe. Religious faith sustains, forms and informs us in a fundamental way. It defines the relationship we have with our creator (even for atheists) and in a mysterious way binds us to the others in our faith community. Being so important it is also often very funny.

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albert wasn't aloneanchoredanything to anyoneare you a christian?
ask your mumbig mistakechristian shoe-tieingchristian websites
church a la cartechurch liteconversion experienceemphasis
evangelism paralysisfaith just rightfalling apartfeeling close to god

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