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I have tried to make this site, and the cartoon licenses, as easy to use as possible. This page will hopefully answer the important questions. If you need more, just email me and I'll try to help.

Do I need to pay?

Personal use is free: If it's just you and your friends, facebook, Pinterest, twitter etc... Go nuts!

If you need to use the cartoons for anything else, non-profit or commercial, you should purchase a license.

what license should I get?

I offer two types of licenses; annual subscriptions or pay-per-cartoon licenses.

  • ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS are designed specifically for the everyday communications needs of churches and christian organisations. They give you a full year of cartoons usage, from the entire online library, within the terms of the license. These subscriptions are for non-profit groups, for non-commercial projects. They come in two sizes, small (church) and large (enterprise).
  • PAY-PER-CARTOON licenses allow you to just pay for a single cartoon, for a single use. These are also designed for non-profit groups, and for mostly non-commercial projects. They come in two standard sizes, small (standard) and large (special) but I can also negotiate special license fees for very large or commerical projects.

Find out more about the licenses using the links in the text above.

what does "commercial" mean?

I use the term "commercial" to mean any project that is designed to generate revenue. In general, this refers to anything with a price tag attached to it, or which carries any form of advertising or sponsorship.

Exception - Covering costs: If the project is small scale, and the money generated is purely to help cover the cost of production, I make an exception - this does not count as "commercial". Note: This exception does not cover large scale productions, even if the revenue is purely to cover costs.

how to subscribe

I've made a huge effort to make it really easy to subscribe, without any new passwords or Paypal accounts.

How to subscribe for the annual cartoon subscriptions:

  • Pay: Your name and email address are transferred securely from Paypal to my subscription management service, Aweber. This means you only enter data once.
  • Confirm: You should receive a confirmation email. Click on the link in this email and your subscription is complete.

How simple is that? And all data is protected by top shelf security and privacy protocols. Some advantages of this model:

  • No Paypal account required: You just use your credit card.
  • No passwords: Your account is managed simply and securely via your personal email.
  • Easy: You enter your details once, during the payment process.
  • Secure: You benefit from the leading edge security measures employed by Paypal and Aweber.

How to subscribe for a Toonmail subscription:

  • Enter your email address.
  • Click the button.

subscription and email management

I use Aweber to manage my subscriptions and email lists. Aweber is one of the world's leading email marketing companies, and their service allows me to create a very simple, very robust subscription model. Basically, managing subscriptions and email lists can get very complicated and technical. Aweber does all the heavy lifting for me, and provides extremely high levels of security in the process.

Click here to find out more about Aweber email marketing


Payment is as simple as I could think to make it. Credit card payment is facilitated by PayPal, an international money transfer agency that is trusted by millions around the world. You don't need a Paypal account either, you can just pay with your Credit Card.

Fees: There are no direct fees for your payment, but international customers may incur a small conversion fee if your payment isn't in Australian dollars (my experience of this is that the fee is a very small percentage of the purchase price).

Address details: Paypal requires address details if you are not using your Paypal account. This is simply a security measure to make sure the transaction is with a real person, and to contact you if you mistype your email address, for instance. Of course, if you pay using your Paypal account, the process is even quicker.

I keep your address details in my Paypal records as an administration backup, stored as "shipping address". A typical problem is that people mistype their email address (I even did this myself while testing the system) which means I simply can't contact them. These details are treated with the same high levels of privacy as I treat all personal information, and stored securely on the Paypal servers.

Once you have completed the payment, you will be returned to this site and an email will be sent acknowledging your payment.


Your privacy is as important to me as my own and every interaction is treated as highly confidential. I will not pass on any information unless permitted by you or required by law.

The personal information that I retain is:

  • Your name (first and last)
  • Your email address
  • Your street address: Recorded as "Shipping address"

All of this data is recorded during the payment process. The name and email address are sent securely from Paypal to Aweber to allow me to manage your subscription. The street address remains in the Paypal records and is kept purely as an administrative backup e.g. if you mistype your email address (as I did during testing) I need some way of contacting you about your subscription.

I may request more details during the course of your subscription (e.g. name of church or group) but it will be your choice whether or not to provide these.


All personal details are held either by Paypal or Aweber. These sites have extremely rigorous security measures in place. Both sites are used and trusted by millions around the world and rely on leading edge security protocols to maintain their market position.

refund policy

I don’t offer refunds. All cartoons are available for immediate download and the copyright license fees are very low. I expect, therefore, that any payments are made happily, and with full understanding of what the payment is for. I will consider refunding payments in extraordinary situations, which will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


At best, these cartoons have changed people's perspective on life (for the better), at other times they've amused, or just broken the tedium of a page of text. Sometimes the cartoons offend. For this I apologise.

It may be that the intent of the cartoon is misunderstood, it may be that there is violent disagreement with the content, it may be that the tone is perceived to be irreverent or inappropriate. Whatever the cause, please know that my intent is to strengthen, uplift, comfort or inspire. There is enough evil and dissent in the world without deliberately adding to it.

I hope, if you take offence, that you will accept my apology and view the issue as a result, not of malicious intent but of different perspectives.

terms and conditions

Click on this link to see the terms and conditions.


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