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evangelism - Sharing your faith, spreading the word, telling others what you believe to be true about God, Jesus, life. For most people, evangelism is difficult. Most people struggle just describing what they believe. Then there's the whole apologetics thing, explaining why it's reasonable to believe what you believe. Even if you don't apologise, is it appropriate to foist your philosophy on to someone else, even if you believe you're right and they're wrong?

Well... if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Fortunately, God is active, the truth is eternal and humans have this annoying habit of seeking out their creator. We must continue to wrestle with evangelism, as with anything important. These cartoons may help.

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life outside the box? ridiculous!lightnewcomersno-one listens to me
nude evangelismone up, in christonline conversionsparty invitation
pluralism - take your pickpowered by prayerput god on the listreach out overload
reaching round pegsreal religion, real fastregognising non-christiansresurrection and your point is?

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