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church - faith communities meet every second of every day in every corner of the world. Traditional models persist but new models emerge where the old have lost relevance. If it was just that the church of last century served a useful sociological purpose, we might be content to let it fade and die. Fortunately however, it seems that people need to meet. We need to have some forum for discussion, nurture and corporate experience. Church comes in all forms; huge mega church to tiny home gatherings. The faithful represent the full spectrum of humanity, complete with all the nobility and pathos this entails. Perfect for a cartoonist.

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enacting changeeverything but the changesfeeling smallget pedalling
god's guidanceheavy metal, heavy theologyholy sacrament vanhow not to welcome
how to keep them in churchhypocrisyi forgot my biblei search for truth
in church we are manylarger gatheringslet's have lunchlife's tough

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