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your sneaking suspicions - These cartoons are from the student handbook, and teachers manual, both of which were published as educational companions to the book, A Sneaking Suspicion, by John Dickson. I was asked to contribute these cartoons as I had done the cartoons for the original book, which included the original cover image - although the cover is now quite different. A Sneaking Suspicion is an extraordinarily successful book, and deservedly so. John Dickson has a real talent for telling faith stories in everyday language, aiming, in this case, at young people.

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cool christiandeep, deep disappointmenthe took the bulletit's light out here
jump into the jesuslose the baggagemy hairparty invitation
planning the come-backplea bargainrelevanceresurrection and your point is?
setting up the sequelthere is no bakerwhat's in it for me?why does god allow this?

Page 1, there are 16 images in total, 16 above...