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a field guide to us congregations - We take a close look at the habits and characteristics of various species of church-goer in the United States of America. These cartoons are from the second edition, which was published after the 2008 US Congregational Survey. It takes the concepts and many of the analytical tools of NCLSR and applies them to a representative group of church attenders in the US. The idea of a "field guide" came about when the authors realised that Americans knew more about cows and sports utility vehicles than they did about church attenders.

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a champion without a cluechurch in a holedoing church, making money...feeling close to god
i hear youin church we are manyplease open your laptopsreal religion, real fast
the vision: change nothingyou should so be a christian

Page 1, there are 10 images in total, 10 above...