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winds of change - The publication of this book was an extraordinary event, for the church internationally and for myself. The winds of change continue to blow through the church today and this book has helped to identify some of what is happening in real, tangible detail. This book brought both comfort and challenge; comfort in that it quantified risks and reinforced strengths, challenge in that it made it clear that ignoring the world around was not an option, some response from the church needs to be made. For me, producing the book was a career milestone; I did the cartoons, the page layout, the design of all the graphs, icons and tables, the book cover etc and worked closely with the NCLS team to help create a book that would be both accurate and engaging, a book that would be a great gift to God's people. The cartoons are raw but contain some of my all-time favourites.

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greetings in himhand it overhow to thrivehow to worship
i come for the preachingi don't want to changei forgot my biblei've seen the light again
inch by inchlarger gatheringsleadership crisislet's have lunch
local churchlooking for communitymega churchmore...

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